My husband worked with Paul at the Postal Service and knew that he was extremely knowledgeable and competent with computers. When we had problems with the slowness of our HP computer, Paul came over to our house and checked out our computer. He took the computer to his office and returned it promptly the next day. It was amazing how fast it was. He completely cleaned up the computer and installed software to help the computer run more efficiently. We were so impressed with his work that we had him also work on our daughter's Dell computer. He installed a wireless adapter card and also did his "magic" on her computer. It is amazing how much better it is. I cannot say enough about PC's Mobile Computer Service. Paul was extremely reasonable with his prices and his honesty is above reproach. Diane & Michael Jones Asheville
As a small online business owner, any downtime from my computer can potentially result in lost revenue. When my computer developed a critical Windows error, I couldn't get past the boot process and was unable to work. I gave Paul a call and he was able to service my computer the following day and had me up and running again that same day. No lost revenues for me, thanks! --David C. Asheville