• We Repair All Windows PCs

    We Repair All Windows PCs

    Hardware, software, Power jacks, cracked screens iPads too.

  • VIRUS / MALWARE / Security

    VIRUS / MALWARE / Security

    Are you infected? Some symptoms are: computer running slow, mouse pointer erratic, popups, home page and or search engine changed without permission, browser redirecting. We offer comprehensive virus removal services. We take extra care to keep your data safe in the process! $60-$80

  • New Hard Drive & Data Transfer

    New Hard Drive & Data Transfer

    Extend the life of your present computer, don't buy a new one! A new, faster, high capacity hard drive with all your data and Operating system installed. $120

  • Cracked Laptop Screens Replaced $100

    Cracked Laptop Screens Replaced $100

    Most standard 15.4" non-touch LCD's replaced for about $100. Screen $55 labor $45

  • Computer Tune-up

    Computer Tune-up

    All computers collect digital junk on the Internet. We'll test your hard drive health and get rid of that junk! Computer tune-up $40.

In Your Home or My Shop

I'm committed to solving your computer problems as quickly and conveniently as possible. I can come to your home / office or you can drop off at my home shop 67 Jupiter Hills Drive Weaverville 28787.


I will help you solve your computer problems with courtesy and respect. Most computers can be repaired in about one day.


In most cases diagnostics/evaluation is free if the machine is brought in. I will help you evaluate whether it is most cost effective to repair or replace your computer. Giving you the very best value is our top priority.

How Can We Help You?



At PC’s Mobile Computer Service, we understand you want to get repairs done quickly and easily. We deliver that as well as great customer service! In today’s ever changing digital world you need someone you can count on and trust. Whether it’s deciding  between repairing or replacing your computer, or security concerns, we endeavor to help you choose what best fits your needs and budget. We’d love to help you with your computer needs.

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